Field Trip to Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Early last Saturday morning my classmates and I met at Grand Central Station, boarded the Metro North train and headed out of the city. Our final destination: Blue Hill at Stone Barns. As a part of the Classic Culinary Arts plus Farm to Table program at ICC, our education concludes with a week-long culinary experience at the farm, learning from the land and cooking in Dan Barber’s restaurant. All of us were beyond excited to get our first taste of the farm, and the field trip was nothing short of amazing.
photo 1 When we arrived, we were greeted with a warm welcome from Irene Hamburger and quickly whisked away to take a tour of the farm. It was surprising to see a greenhouse stocked full of produce in the dead of winter. We even pulled “survivor spinach” right out of the ground and tasted it, and it was delicious! After the tour we had lunch at the Blue Hill Café and had a meet-and-greet with some very influential individuals in the culinary world. We closed out the day with a charcuterie lesson from Vice President of Culinary Affairs, Chef Adam Kaye. He went through all the different cuts of pork, and even gave us a few tastes of ham and speck. We all had an amazing time, and are now more excited than ever to spend a week perfecting our cooking skills at Blue Hill this June.
photo 3


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