Field Trip to Union Square Greenmarket

ABL_Banners_Pear During our second week of class at the International Culinary Center, we took a class field trip to the Union Square Greenmarket! The farmers market at Union Square is one of many markets in the city backed by Grow NYC, a non-profit organization that strives to improve the city’s quality of life. The market is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday throughout the entire year. It was amazing to see all the different product that comes from local sources around NYC, especially the range of produce in the winter months. I have been to many farmers markets in my life, but this one was especially large, making it a very memorable experience.

As a chef, it’s important to understand that great food comes from outside the kitchen walls. The Farm to Table program teaches us all about this concept, and I truly believe everyone should learn to eat and cook with more concern of where their food is coming from. Sustainable food not only improves a dish, but also improve the environment around us. As I continue my education at ICC in the Farm to Table program, we will have the opportunity to take many field trips around the city. I cannot wait to learn more from these field trips, as well as from the program as a whole!


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