Dress a Salad

Crisp greens with just the right amount of seasoning is the perfect start to a meal (or meal in itself). When a salad is dressed properly, there’s really nothing better. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to overdress a salad, and this can turn a special side dish into a soggy disaster. Knowing how to dress a salad properly will guarantee a perfectly dressed salad every time. Plus, it’s super simple and fast to do! So here’s how to dress a salad.

1) Put your greens and veggies into a large bowl. It’s important to use a large bowl so each element of the salad can be tossed evenly with the dressing.

2) Next, drizzle the vinaigrette on the edge of the bowl, a little at a time, in a circular motion. Do not pour the dressing directly on the salad ingredients because it’s a lot easier to overdress the salad this way. It also will cause the greens to wilt faster, especially if you’re using a lighter green or creamier dressing.

3) Finally, toss the salad together until all of the greens are evenly coated in the dressing. Toss the salad as gently as possible to avoid bruising the greens (your hands are the best tool). Serve immediately and enjoy!