Spatchcock a Chicken


To spatchcock means to split then flatten a protein. For a chicken, this means to remove the birds backbone, then pressing the breasts down and flattening it out into an almost even layer. Spatchcocking is a great technique for cooking poultry because it exposes more skin, allowing it to become crispy and golden brown. It also shortens the overall cook time and prevents the breasts from drying out before the thighs are cooked through. When you spatchcock a chicken, you can roast the bird in the oven, grill it over an open flame, or even pan sear it on top of the stove. A juicy, tender piece of chicken with crispy skin; what’s not to love? So here’s how to spatchcock a chicken!

What You’ll Need:
1, 3 to 4 pound, whole chicken
Kitchen Shears
Cutting board or baking sheet

1) Start by washing the chicken under cold water to remove any giblets, extra fat and/or blood from the internal cavity. Once clean, dry the chicken with a clean towel so it is easy to handle.

2) Lay the clean chicken on a cutting board or baking sheet breast side down.


3) Using sharp kitchen shears, cut along each side of the backbone from the tail to the neck until the entire backbone is removed. Discard the backbone or save for making sauces and stocks.


4) Flip the chicken over and press firmly on the breast bone to break the sternum. This will also help to release the keel bone for easier removal.


5) Flip the chicken back over to expose the cavity. Use the kitchen sheers to remove the keel bone, ribs, and wishbone.


6) Now you have a spatchcocked chicken ready for seasoning and cooking!


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