Chicken Eggs

Ingredient: Chicken Eggs
Origin: Unknown

Eggs are a beautiful and versatile ingredient that are a staple in home kitchens and restaurants around the world. Whether you’re an egg enthusiasts or just looking for some more information about the incredible egg, here are some facts you should know:

To start, the color of an egg shell is either white or brown, which is simply determined by the color of the hen’s feathers. The color comes directly from the hen, and there is no difference in flavor or quality between the two.

Chicken eggs are also extremely nutritious and a great ingredient to jump-start your day. Eggs are packed with protein (to keep you feeling full), and they contain every B vitamin, Vitamin D and iron. While eggs do have a decent amount of cholesterol, it will not be harmful if consumed in moderation.

Feel free to keep eggs for up to one month after the sell-by date on the carton, as eggs keep much longer than a lot of people think. If you’re worried about the quality of your eggs, crack one into a bowl and smell. If there is a distinct smell, then its bad and throw it out. Good eggs will have a very neutral smell.

When cooking with eggs, try making a savory breakfast quiche with ham, spinach and goat cheese. For lunch, top your favorite salad with a soft boiled egg, like the Sugar Snap Pea and Radish Salad on CC&BT. And for dinner, make traditional fried rice with a scrambled egg mixed in. Recipe ideas are endless for eggs, and they are the perfect addition to any meal any time of the day.