Chinese Egg Noodles

Pictured above are Chinese egg noodles, specifically dried wonton noodles. They are medium in size, and cook like any other dried pasta.

Ingredient: Chinese Egg Noodles
Origin: China

Noodles are are large part of many Asian cultures. From Japanese soba noodles to Vietnamese rice noodles, there really is nothing better than tender noodles swimming in a savory broth. One type of noodle that has become very popular in the United States is the Chinese Egg Noodle. While there are many types of egg noodles, they all are made of a combination of wheat flour and eggs and can be fresh or dried.  These various kinds of egg noodles can be found in almost any grocery store in the Asian ingredient aisle, as well as in Chinese restaurants and specialty stores.

There are a few different kinds of Chinese egg noodles. The first kind is the wonton noodle. Wonton noodles can be both thin and wide, and are commonly seen in thinner soups and broths, like Chinese wonton soup. The second kind is lo mein. Lo mein has become a very popular item on menus in Americanized Chinese restaurants, typically served with veggies and a protein. However, this noodle is still very popular in Chinese cuisine because of its delicate flavor and ability to pair well with fresh vegetables and herbs. The third kind is Hong Kong-Style pan fried noodles or chow mein. Chow mein can be steamed like other Chinese egg noodles, or it can be fried and crispy (the Hong Kong-Style).

Each type of Chinese egg noodle is extremely versatile and easy to cook with. If you want to start cooking with Asian ingredients, definitely start with noodles and have fun experimenting with the beautiful flavors and textures of different Asian cultures.