A Fresh Start

Welcome all to my blog, Coffee, Cabs and Bar Tabs! It has been an amazing year, and one that I’m truly blessed to have experienced. From moving to New York City and attending culinary school at the French Culinary Institute, to starting a career in the food industry as a line cook at Pig and Khao, I’ve grown more than I ever thought I could. For some of my amazing Nom Nom New York followers, I first want to thank you all for your endless love and support. I’m sure you’re confused why I’m starting this whole blogging process over again, and the answer is simple; I’ve grown. Nom Nom New York was about my journey moving to NYC and experiencing culinary school. Coffee, Cabs and Bar Tabs is about my new life in New York and working in the culinary world. I hope to retain my amazing Nom Nom readers, as well as gain new bloggers who want a little taste of the big apple and New York life, no matter where you reside. And as for the blog name, it only made sense that I pay homage to the three necessities that my small, chef-pay check goes toward every month: coffee, cabs and bar tabs. Here’s to a fresh start and new beginnings, cheers!


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