Tips for Studio Apartment Living

Finding an apartment in New York City can be one of the most challenging tasks a person will ever take on. And if you’re not extremely wealthy or shacking up with a Wall Street businessman, then you most likely will settle down in a small studio apartment.

While most studio apartments lack space and personality, I’ve learned a few tips that will make any studio apartment feel more like home.

1) Room Dividers
Dividing up a small room so there is a definite living and sleeping area is key when living in a studio apartment. For my apartment, I used hanging curtains around my bed to close off that area from my living room. Having dividers will actually make your apartment feel larger and also give the apartment more personal style.IMG_4608

2) Multiple Sleeping Options
A studio apartment is small, and it seems crazy that you could fit anything more than a bed and a couch. So what do you do when visitors come? A really smart idea is to invest in a sleeper-sofa (aka pull-out couch). I found one at IKEA that is on the smaller side, but is still large enough to sleep comfortably. Having this option is great for studio apartment living.IMG_4617IMG_4616

3) Organization
Organization is important in any living space but is even more crucial in a studio apartment. Organization helps save precious space, as well as keep your apartment clean and clutter free. I bought this great bathroom caddy from IKEA to organize my makeup and hair accessories. If you plan on living in a small studio apartment, definitely organize!IMG_4612



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