Homemade Holiday Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for family and friends can be a challenge. So why not make a simple gift that is both inexpensive and delicious? This holiday season, make these adorable festive mason jars with edible holiday goodies inside.

To make the jars, go to your local craft store and purchase small to medium glass mason jars. I bought these at Michael’s for 3 dollars each. Also buy some festive figurines for the top and ribbon to tie into a bow. I found a pack of four holiday figurines at Michael’s for 5 dollars and the ribbon for 99 cents.

Once your jars are finished, fill them with homemade edible snacks your friends and family can munch on. I made and filled the mason jars with some white chocolate holiday popcorn. Check out the recipe for White Chocolate Holiday Popcorn here. You could also make spiced nuts, small shortbread cookies, or any small treat to fill your jars.

These homemade holiday gifts are the perfect present to give because they can enjoy the edible treat inside, then have an adorable jar to keep and reuse for months to come. Get creative this holiday season and give a thoughtful gift anyone would love.


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