Get to Know Your Knives


Sharpen your knowledge on the different kinds of kitchen knives and discover the best uses for each when cooking in your kitchen.

Chef’s Knife
– This knife is your workhorse and can take on almost any job. A chef’s knife should have a strong blade, nice weight and a sturdy feel. Use this knife for anything from dicing vegetables to mincing herbs.

Bread Knife
– A bread knife is usually long, thin and has a serrated edge. These qualities are perfect for slicing through the thick crust and soft interior of a loaf of bread. A serrated knife is also great for slicing soft vegetables and fruits, like tomatoes.

Filleting Knife
– This knife has a flexible yet strong blade, making it easy to slide along the spine of a fish. While a filleting knife may not get as much use as some of your other knives, it’s still incredibly useful in butchery.

Boning Knife
– As the name suggests, this knife is ideal for removing the flesh from bones when butchering meat. It has a very strong and sturdy blade with very little flexibility. The blade is also thin so it can get into tight spaces. While you can use a boning knife to slice cooked meat, it’s more suited for trimming and slicing raw meat.

– A cleaver has a classic rectangular shape and very strong blade. This knife is great for heavy duty tasks because of it’s heavy weight. Use a cleaver for chopping through squash or even through poultry and fish bones.

Utility Knife
– Also known as a petty knife, this cutlery is most basically a smaller chef’s knife. It can be used for a wide range of tasks but is perfect for finer jobs, like slicing small fruit.

Paring Knife
– This knife is an everyday knife you will find in almost any kitchen. A paring knife is small in shape and very light. Use this knife for trimming and peeling, as it can easily fit in  your hand.

Slicing Knife
– A slicing knife has a very thin, long and sharp blade. Also, the blade on a slicing knife commonly has indentations so the knife slides through smoothly and without sticking. Used a slicing knife to easily cut through a steak or through delicate pastries.


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