Ingredient: Butter
Origin: Different areas across the world have been known to make butter, but some historians believe it originated in Africa or Western Asia.

One of the most common ingredients found in a kitchen is butter. Everyone knows what it is and the most basic uses for it. But many do not know the different varieties of butter that are out there, and the benefits each have on a dish. Here are some of the different characteristics of butter and the three different types of butter one can buy.

Characteristics of Butter
To start, butter varies by the animal it comes from and the diet they eat. For example, cow, sheep and goat milk can all be transformed into butter. And if the animal is grass or grain-fed also determines the end butter product. Second, how the butter is handled (pasteurization and culturing) affects how the butter is made. Finally, the moisture content also determines the smoke point of each butter type (butter begins to smoke once the milk solids toast and eventually burn).

Types of Butter
The first type of butter is classic. Most people have classic butter in their refrigerator, and it is made from sweet cream. Classic butter comes both salted and unsalted. Consider using salted for spreading on crusty bread and unsalted for baked goods. Cultured butter is the second type and it is made from fermented cream rather than sweet. Cultured butter normally has a higher price point, so its uses are not as common. The third type is clarified butter. To learn more about clarified butter, and how to make it, read Coffee, Cabs and Bar Tab’s post here.


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