Easter Eateries

From Good Friday to Easter Sunday, this weekend is meant to be spent with the ones you love. Growing up, Easter always meant having the entire family over, eating good food and having great conversations. It also was a reminder that my birthday was right around the corner! But since I moved to New York, I’ve learned that a lot of families spend their holidays at a restaurant, and Easter brunch is no exception.

If you and your family are looking for a restaurant in NYC to enjoy this Easter Sunday, check out one of the following, as these are my favorite Easter Eateries!

1) Colicchio and Sons (85 Tenth Ave, New York NY)

For a truly special Easter brunch (or dinner), check out Colicchio and Sons. The food is innovative and classic all mixed into one. There also is an extensive wine list and beautiful bar if you want to have a cocktail or two. Definitely one of my favorite restaurants in the city for a holiday celebration.

2) Restaurant Marc Forgione (134 Reade Street, New York NY)

This contemporary restaurant in the heart of Tribeca is a quintessential spot for an Easter brunch or dinner. The food never fails to be out-of-this-park, and the service is equally impressive. While some may not want to spend this much money, it’s really worth every penny. And why not spend a little extra this Easter Sunday? Go check out Forg!

3) Prune (54 E 1st Street, New York NY)

Known for its brunch, Prune is a great option for Easter Sunday. Try the Dutch Style Pancake or the Steak and Eggs; two delicious classics done meticulously well. They don’t take reservations, so make sure to arrive a little early if you want a shorter wait. Head over to Prune this Sunday, or any weekend for that matter!

For more information, to read reviews, and/or to make reservations for these or any other restaurants in New York City, check out OpenTable’s New York City Restaurants page.


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