Top Shops for the NYC Chef

Like any trade, a chef will need a particular set of tools to succeed at their job. As well, there are so many brands, styles and varieties that every cook has their favorites. Below is a list of my favorite NYC stores that have anything and everything a chef may need. Happy shopping!

Korin  – For the Knife Connoisseur
57 Warren St, New York, NY 10007

If you’re looking for a new knife, and in the market for a quality, Japanese blade, look no further than Korin. This quaint store in Tribeca is home to a wide range of brands and styles, including their own personal knife selection. I was recently gifted the Korin Special Inox 7 inch Chef’s Knife, and it’s an amazing knife. Korin also has a selection of tableware and kitchen equipment (astounding quality but more expensive than other stores on this list). Korin is the perfect store for the knife connoisseur, and one of my favorite stores for the NYC chef.

JB Prince – For the Cook Who Does it All
36 E 31st St, New York, NY 10016

JB Prince is a hidden gem, located on the 11th floor of an midtown building on East 31st Street. The store itself is not very large, but the space is filled with racks of chef’s tools, cookware, and appliances for the chef who does it all. I love to go to JB Prince for the essentials, like peelers and cake testers because their prices are reasonable and their selection is extensive. Definitely make a stop here if you want to shop “all things NYC chef”.

Bowery Kitchen Supplies – For a Wide Selection and No-Frills
Chelsea Market, 88 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Bowery Kitchen Supplies has been around for years, supplying New York chef’s with a wide range of equipment and tools. This store has lasted because of its “no-frills” atmosphere, and you can count on them to have what you need. Their knife selection is limited, but their extensive kitchen equipment surely makes up for it. Also, stop by when you’re hungry because inside is a tasty sandwich shop for the foodie and chef.

Chinatown – For a Great Deal
Broadway to Essex, and Worth to Houston

This may seem rather broad, but if you’re a chef looking for a great deal, just head to Chinatown! There are countless stores from Canal Street to Essex Street, stuffed to the brim with everything a cook could ever need. From slotted spoons and stock pots, to deep fryers and rice cookers, Chinatown has it all (and for a cheap price). I love to shop in this area of Manhattan for tools like mandolins and spoons for saucing. But it’s also thrilling just to get lost in the overly-stocked aisles. If you haven’t visited Chinatown yet, head over for your next cookware shopping excursion.


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