Campanelle Bolognese, The Perfect Recipe for Fall


I’m so excited that the blistering heat is coming to an end and the cool days of fall are right around the corner. Football Sundays, cozy sweaters and a simmering pot of chili makes fall without-a-doubt my favorite time of year.

To kick off the cooler months, I wanted to create a recipe that you could simmer away and fill your house up with delicious smells and warmth. But I also wanted to develop a dish that was simple to make and wouldn’t take all day to make. So I decided to make a classic; bolognese with campanelle.

This recipe for a classic bolognese is not only quick and easy, but it’s also incredibly flavorful. Pair with your favorite fresh pasta or layer this sauce with lasagna noodles and ricotta cheese. Once you make this bolognese, it will easily become a family favorite.

Check out the recipe for Campanelle Bolognese here under the savory recipes page on Coffee, Cabs and Bar Tabs. Happy eating!



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