Supreme Citrus Fruits

IMG_5350 Now that the weather is getting warmer, a juicy orange or tart grapefruit is the perfect snack to cool you down and boost your energy. Peeling a citrus fruit by hand is simple, but it can take time and leave your hands sticky (and no one likes that). Learning how to supreme will not only speed up your prep time, but it will also ensure the most flesh and juice per fruit. So here’s how to supreme citrus fruits:

1) Clean

With any fruit or vegetable, it’s important to always wash your produce! So start by running the citrus fruit under cold water and pat dry with a clean towel.

2) Remove Ends

After the fruit is clean, remove both the flower and stem ends. With a paring knife, cut off a small portion of both ends (just until you can see a small amount of the fruit’s flesh).

3) Remove Peel and Pith

Once the ends are removed, turn the fruit on one of the ends and cut off the outside (peel and pith). Do not cut straight down, but rather follow the natural shape of the fruit. The goal is to remove just the outside peel and white pith portion of the fruit, and to leave as much flesh as possible.

4) Remove Segments

Now that the fruit is completely peeled, remove the segments. Hold the fruit in one hand over a bowl, and begin to cut between the membranes. Do not cut entirely through the fruit, and be cautious to avoid any seeds. The fruit segments and juice will fall into the bowl once they are cut away. Now what’s left is beautiful and juicy fruit, ready to enjoy!


When you supreme a citrus fruit, the end fruit segments are equally as pretty as delicious, so it’s perfect for a citrus salad or citrus salsa. This technique also works with any citrus fruit, so the recipe possibilities are endless.


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