Cut a Fennel Bulb


Fennel is a fantastic vegetable packed with flavor and texture. Similar to an onion, the bulb has crisp, sweet layers that can be enjoyed raw or cooked. But before you can eat it, you first have to cut it. So here’s how to cut a fennel bulb!

1) Start by trimming off the green stalk and fronds. Make sure to save the fronds (the frilly ends that resemble dill), as they are packed with great fennel flavor and act as a great garnish and aromatic element.


2) Now that only the bulb remains, give it a good wash under cold water and remove any dry, wilted top layers. Next, cut the bulb in half through the root end.


3) Lay one half down on a cutting board and begin to slice crosswise. A mandolin also works well when shaving a fennel bulb if very thin slices are desired. Now the fennel bulb is cut and ready to use!