The Perfect Baked Potato


If you know me at all, you know that I love potatoes. There’s something incredibly satisfying and comforting about the creaminess of a perfectly cooked potato. From waxy fingerlings to starchy sweet potatoes, spuds are an incredibly versatile ingredient that can take on a wide range of seasonings and garnishes. One of my favorites ways to prepare starchy potatoes (i.e. Idaho or russet), is to simply bake them! Whether it’s topped with a pat of butter or with a hearty scoop of chili, baked potatoes are a no-brainer option for any meal.

A perfectly baked potato with a fluffy center and crisp, salty skin is easier to achieve than you think. Follow these simple steps on Coffee, Cabs and Bar Tabs for How To Bake a Potato. Baking spuds in the oven is easy to do and will give you great results each time.

Then after you learn to make the perfect baked potato, check out the recipe for a Baked Potato with Creamed Spinach and Parm  in the collection of savory recipes. This unique combination will make you rethink baked potato toppings all together.


Thank you for stopping by CC&BT, happy cooking!


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