New Recipe Alert: Seared Ahi Tuna with Salsa Verde


Now I know that the days are getting shorter and the blistering, cold weather is just around the corner. But don’t worry! I have the perfect recipe to warm you up and to make you feel like it’s still summer; seared ahi tuna with salsa verde, sunflower seeds and fresh cilantro!

Flaky fish and a bright, acidic sauce is great any time of the year. Plus, it’s quick and easy to do, which is ideal after a long day at school or overtime hours in the office. The fish cooks in less than five minutes, and the sauce is made entirely in a food processor. Does it get any easier than that?

This elegant dish of seared ahi tuna, salsa verde and crunchy sunflower seeds is packed with different flavors and textures in every bite. Serve as-is for an easy and light meal, or add sautéed greens and fluffy quinoa for a protein-packed, hearty entrée.

Make sure to check out this recipe for Seared Ahi Tuna with Salsa Verde here on Coffee, Cabs and Bar Tabs. The quick and easy Salsa Verde recipe is also available here on CC&BT. It’s the perfect snack for dunking your favorite corn tortilla chips into. Thank you for stopping by and reading, cheers!


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