Pick Your Potion: Halloween Treats from CC&BT

Halloween is meant for ghostly costumes, haunted houses and spooky treats. But why not make your own homemade snacks and stay away from the overpriced store-bought candy? Check out these three mouthwatering recipes perfect for any Halloween party or festivity.

Fall Trail Mix
Sweet chocolate and salty pretzel snaps are the perfect combination in this Fall Trail Mix recipe. Add some of your favorite toasted nuts or other fall candies to make this recipe unique and your own. Check out the recipe for Fall Trail Mix here!


Spooky Brownie Cake
A fudgy brownie and bittersweet chocolate ganache come together for the perfectly spooky halloween treat. Have fun drizzling the top with sweet white chocolate to create a spider web fit for this haunted holiday. Check out the recipe for a Spooky Brownie Cake here!


Halloween Magic Bars
Magic bars are a classic bar-cookie that is both chewy and sweet. Usually magic bars are topped with butterscotch chips, chocolate chips and shredded coconut. But why not change things up for a fun Halloween twist? So use up your leftover candy from trick-or-treating and make these delicious magic bars for your next holiday costume party. Check out the recipe for Halloween Magic Bars here!

Happy Halloween from CC&BT!


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