A Savory Starter for Your Thanksgiving Feast


Planning an entire Thanksgiving meal can take a lot of time and effort, and usually appetizers are pushed to the back burner. But why not this year start your guests off with a seasonal appetizer that compliments the crisp weather and festive holiday. Plus, it’s easy to make and guaranteed to impress a crowd. Try this spectacular recipe for Balsamic Brussels Sprouts and Ricotta Flatbread.

The combination of roasted brussels sprouts, ricotta cheese and balsamic vinegar are a classic favorite that pairs perfectly. And the addition of crunchy sunflower seeds and spicy pink peppercorns add depth of flavor and texture. Plus, the soft naan flatbread is the ideal vessel for this fall finger food.

If you want to plan ahead, you can easily make some of the components of this flatbread ahead of time so your Thanksgiving is as effortless as possible. For example, you can start by roasting the brussels sprouts the day before, then warm them in the oven before assembling. You can also season the ricotta, then spread it directly onto the naan right as your guests begin to arrive. These simple tasks you can do ahead will allow you to spend more time with your guests and less time slaving away in the kitchen.

To see the recipe for Balsamic Brussels Sprouts and Ricotta Flatbread, click here. Also, if you need some Thanksgiving inspiration, check out these other holiday recipes on Coffee, Cabs and Bar Tabs, including the perfect Turkey Brine and a simple dessert for Mini Peanut Butter Pies. Happy Thanksgiving from CC&BT!



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