New Recipe Alert: Fried Calamari Sub with Remoulade Sauce


Fried calamari with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice is one of my favorite starters, and if it’s on the menu, I’ll probably order it. There’s just something about the combination of salty, crispy fish and a savory, acidic sauce; it’s perfection. I also love fried fish sandwiches, like an oyster or shrimp po’ boy, with soft bread and a creamy, mayo-based spread. So I got to thinking; why not make a sandwich with fried calamari? With just a little brainstorming and recipe testing, I give to you a Fried Calamari Sub with Remoulade Sauce!

The calamari rings are dipped in buttermilk, breaded in flour and cayenne and deep fried to golden-brown perfection. Then they are layered on a soft hoagie roll with baby kale, fresh red onion and a slather of remoulade sauce. This sub is packed with layers of flavor and textures, making it very hard to put down.

To make this Fried Calamari Sub, check out the recipe here on Coffee, Cabs and Bar Tabs. You can also see the remoulade sauce here, if you’re looking for an easy and tasty sauce for dipping. Thank you for stopping by CC&BT, and happy cooking!


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