Dream Big


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been searching around for a new job. I applied to many opportunities within the restaurant industry, including caterers, restaurants, and even corporate offices. I’ve loved working in the New York restaurant scene and wanted to continue on this path, so kitchen trails seemed like the best place to start.

After about 25 applications, a handful of interviews, and many kitchen trails later, I honestly lost count of how many positions I applied for! But after much thought (and a little bit of luck), I landed an amazing opportunity. Last Monday, I started a new job at The Food Network!

At my new job, I’m working in The Food Network’s Digital Test Kitchen, helping develop and cross test recipes for their website. It’s an incredible learning experience because I have very little knowledge of recipe development and food media. While this job is at a major media outlet, the position is still very much behind-the-scenes and very different from New York City restaurants. I cannot wait to learn the entire development process, from a simple idea to a published document. Cheer’s to new beginnings!


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