Tips for a Tidy Kitchen

A tidy kitchen means an organized kitchen, but achieving organization can seem daunting. Knowing some easy tips and tricks to organize and de-clutter will help your kitchen go from messy to orderly.

Store Items by Use
– Kitchen items that are used most frequently should be stored in a place you can easily reach. Some of the items that you only use for special occasions should be stored higher and further away.

Label Your Dried Spices
– Organizing your dried spices in similar containers with similar labels will make finding different spices quicker and easier. Try arranging them alphabetically for additional organization.

Group Similar Objects Together
– Grouping similar kitchen items together will make your kitchen more organized. For example, pots and pans should go on one shelf, and baking dishes and sheet pans on another. This will make finding items much easier as well.

Exchange Plastic for Glass
– With the growing concern for chemicals in plastic products, consider switching out plastic for glass! Storing food in glass containers will ensure safety from harmful chemicals, plus it’s still great for the environment because you can continually recycle these items.

Clear the Clutter
– Keeping your kitchen organized means clearing the extra clutter. A kitchen with unused equipment and tools is never good for overall organization. This tip applies for drawers and cabinets, as well as the counter.


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