Maple Coconut Granola

I first made granola a few months back, and since I’ve been dying to make my own recipe. After doing some research, I found that a lot of granola recipes have a million different nuts and grains, making it expensive to make. So my goal was to make a granola that could be enjoyed with yogurt, ice cream, or even on its own, and it would most importantly be affordable.

After some trial an error, I came up with a Maple and Coconut Granola! This sweet combination of nuts, shredded coconut and maple syrup will give your every-day granola a run for its money. And an added plus, this granola is grain free, so your gluten free friends can enjoy this recipe also.

To check out this recipe, click on the link here, or go under the “Recipes” tab and click on “Maple Coconut Granola”. Enjoy!

I also want to dedicate this recipe to my sweet friend Kristen, who has a blog called K Bright Sweets & Treats! She has a passion for baking and love for experimenting in the kitchen, and her recipes are drool-worthy. Give her some love and check it out!



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